64th Annual
Awards Dinner & Auction

Friday, October 20, 2017
The Ritz-Carlton

A big life can often be found in little things…in every breathtaking sunrise, glorious blue sky day, and colorful sunset we find inspiration. It’s moments like this that fill our soul and make us thankful for the big life we have in Truckee.

To many a base camp is where you claim your space, stake your tent, make your life. Why do you choose Truckee as your Base Camp for a Big Life? While there are similarities to our stories, there are just as many answers to that question as unique and individual as each one of us.

Adventure awaits at the Truckee Chamber’s 64th Annual Awards Dinner & Auction as we celebrate making Truckee our Base Camp for a Big Life. Join us for the one night when the business community comes together to celebrate Truckee…honor and recognize individuals and businesses that are living the big life and making significant contributions to continue taking Truckee to new heights.

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